JOY unfiltered: the joys of motherhood.

Too often, mamas commiserate with each other about the challenges and difficulties of motherhood, from traumatic labor stories to breastfeeding woes to sleep deprivation. This information can leave any mom, but especially new moms, feeling overwhelmed and negative about motherhood.

I’d like to shift the narrative.

Let’s be frank: we all know this journey is hard. This post is simply about the pure joys of motherhood, written by a brand-new mama of an 8 week old.

JOY: Not being pregnant any more. Enough said.

JOY: Witnessing how resilient the female body is. I have no better word for the experience than ABSOLUTELY WILD. “Strong enough to bear your children/then get back to business” -Beyonce.

JOY: First laying eyes on this tiny human who miraculously was formed inside of your body. Knowing what an imperfect human you are, it is beyond humbling.

JOY: Being unbelievably in love with this baby, even if she is a carbon copy of her father. Life ain’t fair, ladies.

JOY: Unexpectedly knowing what to do and how to care for this tiny person…most of the time.

JOY: Watching your partner become a dad. Seeing your infant safely held in his strong arms, watching him fall in love with her and care for her. Realizing he may be more of a baby whisperer than you and DEFINITELY functions more optimally on limited sleep than you do.

JOY: The transition from two individuals to a couple to a family. You made a freaking HUMAN together. You are both in love with her. Your new family becomes the top priority for you both.

JOY: Watching your baby develop and grow, as she gazes into your eyes, giggles, coos and outgrows those tiny footie pajamas that fit her as a newborn. Subsequently crying that she’s getting bigger and wanting to slow time to a crawl so you can treasure every moment she’s this little.

JOY: The mom tribe. Mom friends are the best friends, at least right now. ALL friends are wonderfully appreciated, but there is something about the mom tribe that seems to have risen up out of nowhere to support you that is beyond comforting. They have experience. They have survived this mom thing longer than you, and all seem pretty functional and well-adjusted. They have useful information on everything from bodily changes to nutrition to newborn care. They will let you cry or rant any time, day or night, and remind you that we are all in this together. Thank goodness.

In conclusion, there are undeniable challenges in motherhood; but there is also immeasurable joy. Amidst each challenge, let’s find the joy, and hold onto it the same way we hold our precious babies.

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